#102 Blake Gaynor

July 19th, 2019

Blake Gaynor is part of the US Army Golden Knights demonstration team gets to travel the country jumping into ridiculous spots and see beautiful places from under canopy. What's it like traveling the US doing these high profile demos? What did it take for Blake to become a Golden Knight? Tune in and learn all about America's premiere skydiving team. They do it all; formation skydiving competition team, freefly competition team, demo team, tandem team, you name it the Army guys and gals do it!

You can follow Blake on:

Facebook: @blake.gaynor 

Instagram: @ssg_blake_gaynor

You can follow The Golden Knights on:

Facebook: @usarmygoldenknights

Instagram: @armygoldenknights and Blake's team @gkgoldteam


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DJ owns and operates The Ratings Center, where he trains skydiving coaches and instructors. TRC also provides canopy coaching. You can find TRC on the interwebs at www.TheRatingsCenter.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theratingscenter

Nick Lott is the Director of Video Marketing for Skydive Spaceland and has a wonderful nack for producing videos. You can follow Nick's work for Spaceland on the video page of Spaceland's Facebook www.facebook.com/spaceland2/ 

US Army Golden Knights 

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